Service Dogs of Florida, Inc.
Minutes of the meeting on: July 28, 2010
Official meeting of the officers of the board.

President: Kenneth Lyons
Sec: Patricia Schiavoni
Treas: Ronald Schiavoni

Spectators: 5
All three primary offers were present, quorum fulfilled.
This meeting took place at: Schiavoni Residence - Polk City, Florida
Meeting was opened at: 8:00pm
Reading of last meetings minutes: Read and Approved

Old Business: The president gave a report of all the changes since the last meeting.
SDFL has its' solicitation permit from the FL Department of Ag. The amended Articles of Incorporation have been filed and the IRS Form 1023 has been submitted (application for 501c3).
-- With the form was a copy of our Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation (Feb), Amended version (Mar), Additional Info requested and Conflict of interest policy.
The IRS has already contacted by mail and requested another copy of the original Articles of Incorporation along with a copy of the amendments. Both were faxed to the EO on July 1, 2010. Repeated phone calls to check receipt of the fax have not been returned. All calls to the EO go to voice mail. The EO took vacation June 30-July 14.

We now have a bank account for the school, and our first donations covered most of the minimum balanced required to keep it open. The president donated the difference required.

Donation tabs are now on the site through both PayPal and Google checkout which go direct to the schools savings account.

We had several inquiries about being a puppy raiser, including one in Tampa. Since the last meeting, we now have three puppies in training.
Charity was adopted from the Lakeland SPCA and placed with the puppy raiser in Tampa.
Elijah was transferred from an OT in Naples/Ft Myers area for training and will return when/if completed.
Lili was adopted from an owner-release from the North Tampa area.

We now have a waiting list with about eight people on it. Our list is currently 12-16 months long.

New Business:
We've had several inquiries about trainers, but being a volunteer position, no takers.
We are hurting for puppy raisers to support/the increase in our puppy population.
The 4H, Orange County Public Schools and Catholic/Religious schools all need community service hours, we may be able to tap that as a source for puppy raisers, puppy trainers, puppy coaches.

We've been approached by a large company, with an office in Lakeland that wishes to offer a monthly donation as an incentive for workers to reduce Work-Related-Injuries. We'd be the carrot, the less injuries- the more funds we get, thus helping the community. This could even affect some of their employees, who may need a SD in the future. This could earn about $5,000 per year, every year, which would help in our long term finances by having a reliable funder.
-- We now have some pressure to get the IRS to move faster on the determination letter which is required to finalize the offer.

The next meeting is set for Oct 30th, 2010, location to be decided.

Meeting was closed at: 8:30pm

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia Schiavoni, Secretary & Kenneth Lyons, President